Company Overview

  • Launched: 2016
  • Available in: USA
  • Made in: USA
  • Number of layers: 4
  • Firmness: Medium-soft
  • Cover materials: Organic cotton & American Talalay latex
  • Trial length: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Shipping time: 1–14 days
  • Return ease: Company picks up
  • Refund: Yes, full refund less $99 for return shipping
  • Where to buy: Online

This mattress was inspired by a word that explains the philosophy behind valuing meditation, intuition, safety and refuge. It’s called Zenhaven.

What a nice feeling to start with. Made by Saatva, the Zenhaven mattress is a unique latex mattress, unique because you can flip it to change the feel of it. One side is a plush, soft layer and the other is a gentle firm layer. You can decide which works best for you and flip to the other side if your personal preference changes or even to accommodate a guest who might need a softer or firmer bed.

The Zenhaven may appeal to the environmentally-conscious folks since it uses wool sourced from New Zealand, organic cotton and American Talalay latex. You’ll pay for those materials since the Zenhaven is a latex mattress. Still, Saatva says this one is as close as you’re going to get to an organic mattress.


The soft side of the double-sided Zenhaven is a smidge softer than medium, like a 4-5 on the mattress firmness scale. The firm side is legitimately firm, like a 7-8 on the scale.

The latex gives the mattress good bounce regardless of which side you’re using. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress instead of sinking down into like you would with a memory foam mattress. Back and stomach sleepers will like this feature. They will be best served to put the firm side on top.

Normally, a firm mattress will be too intense for a side sleeper and a soft mattress will not support the contours of a side sleeper’s body, but latex is a unique material because soft latex doesn’t sink, it’s buoyant. We’d recommend side sleepers try the plush side first, although Zenhaven seems to have found a happy medium for each side of the mattress.

Delivery & Returns

Saatva will deliver and set up the Zenhaven mattress within about two weeks of purchase anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping is free. The mattresses are custom made once ordered. Two delivery people will set up the mattress for you. And let them know beforehand if want them to take away your old mattress. That service is also free.

Mattress Construction

The Zenhaven is a 10-inch natural latex mattress that layers different densities of latex to achieve what the company calls a “luxury plush” on one side and a “gentle firm” feel on the other.

  • The Cover: The entire mattress is covered in a quilted fabric. Whether you use it with the firm or the plush side up, the organic cotton cover will sit next to the skin, with the wool padding underneath for some cushioning. The weave of the New Zealand-sourced wool batting also makes the top flame retardant and breathable.
  • The Top Layers: The top layer, for both the gentle-firm and luxury-plush side, is made of 1 ½ inches of Talalay latex that has zoned support. There are five different firmness levels across the top layer to contour effectively to both heavier and lighter body parts. The only difference between the dual-sides is that the luxury-plush side has a softer, contour feel.
  • The Core: The core of the mattress is six inches thick— 3 inches of the plush latex base layer if you have the plush side up and 3 inches of the firm latex base layer if you sleep with the firm side up. Both layers that make up the core are made of 100% Talalay latex for resilient support.

Mattress Highlights

You can find many great features in the Zenhaven mattress:


  • Plush & soft on one side; firm on the other
  • Won’t envelop you, will support your spine & hug body contours
  • Holes are cut through each layer from top to bottom for increased airflow

Easy on the Environment

  • Comes close to being 100% organic, which is very hard to do.
  • Made with 100 percent natural latex. In most cases, latex is not completely natural.
  • Organic wool & cotton top layer wicks away moisture to keep you dry and cool
  • Avoids chemicals since wool in the cover is woven to make it flame retardant
  • Resists mold and microbes using natural botanical substances
  • Latex layers are all hypoallergenic


  • Luxury natural mattress for a good price compared to other latex mattress
  • All of the latex layers are hypoallergenic
  • All of the fabrics are organic
  • Uses natural materials to keep mattress flame retardant
  • Instead of using chemicals, cuts channels into latex for good airflow and cooling
  • Very durable mattress; should last 20 years


  • Expensive option despite its great qualities
  • Depending on the size mattress you select and if you sleep with a partner, you may be able to feel them moving around on the other side of the bed


Size Price Dimensions
Twin $1,299 38 x 75 inches
Twin XL $1,349 38 x 80 inches
Double $1,699 54 x 75 inches
Queen $1,899 60 x 80 inches
King $2,499 76 x 80 inches
Cal King $2,499 72 x 84 inches

Bottom Line

The Zenhaven mattress is a unique attempt to give more people more of what they might need in a mattress. This attempt also comes with luxurious materials.

Made of all-natural latex sourced in the United States, the Zenhaven is made by Saatva. They wanted to offer a luxury, nearly organic mattress at a decent price. You will pay for those quality materials but will get an expected 20-years of life in return.

The real claim to fame for the Zenhaven is that Saatva has basically given you two mattresses in one—a plush firm mattress on one side and a firm mattress on the other. At any time, you can flip the mattress to switch from one to another.

The Zenhaven uses latex to achieve the two-firmness-options-in-one-mattress trick. Latex is not cheap so this is a mattress for people who are in the market for a permanent option.

Our favorite part of the effort Saatva put into the Zenhaven is that the company has given you both the power to choose your firmness level and the freedom to change your mind. 

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4.4/5 stars
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